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The magnetic Caroline Polachek

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By Jia Tolentino

September 10, 2021

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Develop your executive excellence…Through the power of your honest voice.

Who is Pamela Kuhn?

Pamela Kuhn is a vocal specialist and corporate consultant who has leveraged her internationally acclaimed career as an operatic singer and brings her technical expertise in training (to) a wide variety of clients, focusing on presentation skills, executive presence and performance power. Her unique and customized “Sonata Form Methodology" offers you the opportunity to find and develop your honest and most powerful voice. And in our high stakes world this is the leadership required of today.


Performance power,
presentation excellence and executive presence…all with the unique
strength of your honest voice

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My Strengths

Comprehensive vocal training

Vocal mastery is essential to the leadership of today. Every element of voice production and control will be covered in my training. Every client will develop their ‘honest’ voice and inner strength through that vocal power.

Learning the power and benefits of breath control

Just breathe! Concentrating on the grounded nature of breath management, rhythm of breathing and finding relaxation through the breath.

Becoming centered

The critical and necessary element of finding your authentic core power and focus.

Speechmaking techniques

What to do, what not to do and how to successfully deliver your ‘honest’ voice.

Presentation and stage deportment

How to walk on stage and own the room with celebrity strength.

Impression management

Replacing poor past performances with a new system of structure and strength.

Image consultancy

Making a statement with your look…and how to own it after you make that statement! Presentation excellence is not complete without the ability to feel comfortable with your image.

Defeating self sabotage

Letting go of the tyranny of self doubt and self sabotage while developing a personally crafted new inner dialogue.

Crafting how to own a stage while embracing your authentic power

The tools of mastering confidence and developing an authentic and powerful executive presence.

“I do not see obstacles”

-Pamela Kuhn


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